Frog Dreaming

FROG DREAMING –  ‘Wargle’, ( The Rainbow Serpent ) Frog and Paperbark tree's represent  fresh water which is very important to our people, not only for the traditional food it provides but also for the sacred sites along that land. Traditionally these specific places known as ' Winaatj ' ( meaning forbidden ) were visited only by men or only by women for specific tribal Ceremony. 

Frog Dreaming is a part of our land that runs along what is known as the Coastal Plain,from Bunbury through to Perth and onto York in South Western Australia. At York there is a hill with a soak at the top. The hill is known as the Frog and the soak is its weeping eye.
Kangaroo's and Emu's grazed, Paperbark grew and 'Norn' the Tiger snake were at home with the frogs all along the Bibullmun. ( prior to white settlement  )