Yellagonga Wirdanginy - Woodside Wall Mural

My wall design depicts our Bibbulmun Whudjuk connection to country, our Aboriginal Spirituality which is land based, holding traditional customs, beliefs and lore that are still practised today.


Every animal and plant species living in country are related to us through our ‘Boorongur' - meaning our spiritual elder and blood brother relation.


Boorongur identifies people with strong connections to place and belonging. Swans, Kangaroos, Fish, Turtles, Flowers, Trees, Birds, Insects, are all a ‘Boorongur' to a Bibbulmun Whudjuk person, family group, and/or district.

They identify strong connections of belonging and place.View showing length of wall

Traditionally, every circumstance of life and death was ceremoniously associated with the Boorongur.

Our children were taught their Boorongur laws from a very early age and were told of the guardian spirit always watching over their totem, so that they should not wantonly hurt or kill the young of their fathers ‘Boorongur’, for these were their own little ‘ Boorongur brothers and sisters’.  

Our ancient sacred lore of nature worshipping instilled our deep understanding and intimate relationship with Boodja (our mother earth) and all that she creates.


Our bodies are fed and healed by her and our spirits live eternally through her. We are one, as such we have an inseparable bond of knowledge and care developed and practiced for hundreds of thousands of years.
Image of Swans
My centre piece is ‘Yoorndoordo’ (little river eagle/Osprey) Boorongur to Yellagon.