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Aug 27 2018

Kwooyar Boorongur - Perth Sports Stadium


‘Kwooyar’, meaning Frog, ‘Boorongur’, meaning ‘spiritual elder brother’ and ‘blood brother relation’, identifies our people with strong connections to place and belonging.

‘Totemism’ could be called our peoples’ religion. For every species of food - animal and vegetable - is the ‘Boorongur’ of either a group or individual. Every circumstance of life and death was ceremoniously associated with the totem.

Our children were taught their totemic laws from earliest infancy and were told of the guardian spirit always watching over their totem, so that they should not wantonly hurt or kill the young of their father’s ‘Boorongur’, for these were their own little ‘ totem brothers and sisters’.

Traditional Aboriginal Culture held strength in sustainability, through our ancient sacred laws of Nature worshipping.

The morphing frogs in their various stages, created here for children and family to play on and around, they attempt to give an exciting new tactile and visceral experience.

They deliver our sharing of cultural beliefs and knowledge in a way that reflects, as closely as possible, our traditional way of education - youth learning by self driven enthusiasm, involving whole body senses while exploring a natural environment. Necessity for interpretation is minimal.



Cultural Pride in our people’s youth, strong identity, sense of self and belonging are crucial for our Indigenous longevity, resilience and future.



Our Aboriginal youth are inspired by our own people.

It’s about maintenance, preservation and promotion and rekindling the flames of culture to grow strong and proud, as the race we once were, through research and all forms and expressions of the arts.


I carry a responsibility to promote our culture - nationally and internationally - at its best and most impressive, for our youth who are our pride and our future. This important project afforded me that opportunity and I am very grateful.



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